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I have worked professionally as a Sound Designer since late 2015, after my graduation from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Audio Production and an Academic Excellence Award. During my career, I have been able to work on various exciting commercial as well as non-profit projects, and have luckily won 5 awards plus 3 nominations in the category of Sound Editing. Currently, I am also preparing to graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design with a Master of Arts Degree in Sound Design. 


My main focus is Post Production Audio for Motion Pictures, specifically Sound Effects Editing/ Sound Design. However, I also possess a diverse skill set that can accommodate any Audio needs, including but not limited to Interactive Audio, Music Production and most recently Virtual Reality.

Ever since I was a toddler, the art of storytelling through sound has always fascinated me. I still remember vividly my first time watching Star Wars: Return of The Jedi, jumping around and making lightsaber sounds excitedly. I also remember countless times listening to a film or a song and feeling my emotions react to the story that's being told sonically. Naturally, as I grew up, I have decided to choose Audio as my career, to be able to create Worlds through "Noises", ultimately to make the same impact that has always been imprinted on me.


"Be yourself, but always your better self."

- Karl G. Maeser -