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I have worked professionally as a Sound Designer since late 2015, after my graduation from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Audio Production and an Academic Excellence Award. In 2017, I have decided to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in Sound Design at Savannah College of Art & Design, and finished the degree in 2018. During my career, I have been able to work on various exciting commercial as well as non-profit projects, and have luckily won 5 awards plus 3 nominations in the category of Sound Editing. Currently, I am a full time Sound Designer at WarnerMedia Studios, a division of WarnerMedia.


My main focus is Post Production Audio for Motion Pictures, specifically Sound Effects Editing/ Sound Design. However, I also possess a diverse skill set that can accommodate any Audio needs, including but not limited to Interactive Audio, Music Production and most recently Virtual Reality.

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